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    Help with family


    Got a family that works great when i create it, but not when loaded in project?
    Is there someone that can have a look at it?

    It's supposed to be attached to ceiling.

    Thanks in advanced!
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    The approach is the problem. The family is breaking because there are too many constraints in different directions, because:
    • You are trying to control the radii of revolves with vertical and horizontal reference planes. It is easier to create these objects as sweeps, controlling the radius by a reference line as a circle, with a parameter for the radial dimension.
    • You created revolves instead of sweeps, which makes you add several dimensions and constraints to keep the shape of the sketch in place. If you use external profiles for sweeps, then the shapes are easier to control since they are created in separate files, not in the same family.

    If you simplify the family with these two changes, it will work. See illustration.
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