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[All Verticals] - Revit and database handling

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    [All Verticals] - Revit and database handling

    Applies to: - All Verticals

    New Feature / Problem:
    Revit is actually a database of building elements and it's characteristics..
    It is between a CAD and a database app..
    But, unfortunately the only thing that reminds of a database or spreadsheet is the ability to make schedules and this is something really limited...
    I would like Revit to have something like Excel or a database app embedded because it is really useful.
    I would like Revit to be able to communicate with Excel or/and Openoffice.
    There are hundreds of functions, or relations between data in our model that can make our work really easy.
    Actually this is supposed to be the real power of Revit... Change something and apply this change to all related objects and views...

    Why do you need this Feature / Why is it a Problem:
    I already use a small PIM/Database app called es-builder (costs only 20€ and it is getting better and better) and it helped me organize everything, with simple database tables, lookup functions, expressions etc...
    So, I can imagine what this could do in Revit...
    So far, schedules are a very limited way of handling information that need flexibility...

    It is not easy to describe exactly why we need database and spreadsheet functions in Revit but I believe we all miss the power of Excel...

    Really more productive, informative and powerful Revit

    Attachment comments:
    Revit Architecture - 3ds MAX Design - Octane Render - and many working hours...

    Well, there is some software able to do this (Ideate BIMLink I believe is one of them). But you're right: Autodesk should focus some more on unlocking the database in the UI. Some examples:

    - why does a Room know which walls are defining it, but you can't touch or even see it without the API?
    - Level information from elements
    - Non-appearing ootb parameters in Multi Category schedules
    - and so on...
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      Revit can already do a ODBC export of the database, while not in any way perfect even with the (for me) broken RDB Link, I think you could see some benefit from this starting today.
      Setting up 550 rooms with 40 parameters as individual sheets in Revit and even Excel will always be a nightmare. In a environment like Access that is built for what you ask - no problem at all.

      But a better access to the DB inside of Revit when doing QA schedules, would for sure be most welcome.

      Add: A more stable link between Revit and a external DB is the thing on top of my list. Come to think of it, I suggested something similar to the factory a few years ago - that was before I dwelled into what the ODBC export actually contains.
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        In principle, you only want to have one copy of any data item, and you want to report off that one copy.

        So exporting from Revit (via ODBC, etc) is always going to be a workaround.

        It would be best to have a proper query/reporting tool within the Revit environment, so that we could create single-page and multipage reports with arbitrary selection/sorting criteria. Include deeper access into the Revit database, so we could report room/wall relationships, XYZ coordinates, etc, etc, and we would be able to make much more use of the data we're adding to the BIM.

        It would also be good to have a separate, external query/reporting tool that could access the Revit database. This would enable you to run reports against the database without opening a full copy of Revit. So (simplistic example), your quantity surveyor could run a material report on the current Revit model, without loading up the full Revit environment. This feels like more of a client/server app, though, so it might have to wait for more development of Revit Server or Revit-In-The-Cloud.



          I would certainly appreciate a more fluid, GUI-driven, interface for schedules within Revit - where we might :
          • switch between "raw" and "output" views (when consider formatting & presentation)
          • extend the functionality of "style schedules" by associating parameters more intuitively, using rules, (without additional formulaic fields)


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