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Huge quantity of elements causing issues?

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    Huge quantity of elements causing issues?

    I'm working on a large steel factory, which has a floor slab that has to support very heavy weights with all the raw steel, production and finished goods. As such we need geopiers under most of the building and all column foundations. I have laid them out in the various areas at the requested spacing, using a round concrete column family, and now my model has nearly 10,000 of these columns underneath the floor, in addition to all the thousands of other model elements. I just had a window contents error which caused a fatal error, which let me save a recovery file, and then Revit shut down. I'm hoping this doesn't become a regular thing with this model.

    My system is pretty stout, with an 8-core 3.6 GHz Ryzen7 processor, 64 GB RAM, and 6 GB GTX 1660 graphics card, which I built less than a year ago. Revit fatal errors have been nearly non-existent at this point until now. However I have noticed a fairly extreme graphical slowdown in any view with all the piers visible. And actually now my 3D view is completely stuck when I tried to orient the view to a particular side of the view cube. Whole program is locked up.

    That sometimes happens to me to, but i noticed that it only happens if you add a lot of stuff and keep editing that model in the same revit session. If you restart revit and the model the problem is gone.


      Revit version?
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        I imagine those piers are round, yes?

        I can certainly see a 6GB GPU choking on 10,000 of them. Ive seen a complex Topo wipe out a 6GB GPU, on some big projects. lol.
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          Yes round. I really only modeled them so I could schedule and quantify them. Maybe a square column family that appears round in a plan view would be a little easier on graphics? Or maybe leave them round and just take off the surface material hatch pattern.
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            There are some settings u could tweak for your card - As far as I understand it, you could have 3 million CPU cores revit will only use one of them.

            Open NVIDIA control panel
            Manage 3D Settings (on the left hand side)
            Find Revit, or Add it to the list
            In the "program setting" tab (right side)

            Set the following:
            Image Sharpening (off)
            Anisotropic filtering (application setting)
            Antialiasing FXAA (off)
            Antialiasing transparency (off)
            Background application max frame rate (off)
            CUDA - GPU's (this is your GPU cores) - Select Use these GPU's and select yours from the list, if u have multiple GPUs u can engage them here.
            Power management mode (prefer maximum performance)
            Open GL rendering GPU (select your GPU)
            Tecture filtering anisotrpic sampling (off)
            Texture filtering negative LOD bias (clamp)
            This opens up another setting:
            Trilenear optimisation (on) This means you will use bi-linear filtering instead of tri-linear filtering in parts where its not necessary to have tri-linear enabled and should optimise some GPU performance for you
            Threaded optimisation: To find out if your CPU has hyperthreading punch in your CPU model number into google and if it has more threads than cores then it has hyper threading - this might be right for you on, or off, depending on your CPU.
            triple Buffering (off)
            Vertical sync (use 3d application) but this one might also be worth trying (on or off) and seeing if it helps

            You can save this "profile" and try tweaking these settings and just remove it if you find it ruins performance

            There is also this from Autodesk knowledge network
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              I did a little research, here are the results:

              Revit 2022.0.1
              OOTB structural concrete columns
              Concrete hatch

              Zoom to all 10000 from 100, sec:

              Rectangular columns with hatch = 5
              Round columns with hatch = 20!
              Round columns without hatch = 4

              Сhange the type of 10000 columns from rectangular to round = 12 min!!! Any other actions also take a very long time, for example, change the height of all columns.

              Revit also doesn't like dense dashed lines, we had a performance issue because of them and had to change to solid ones.

              10000 round columns R22.rvt


                Yeah I figured out the other day that changing all the concrete column pier material to By Category with no hatch made a huge improvement in 3D performance.


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