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The hidden dangers of using geometry from 3rd parties

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    The hidden dangers of using geometry from 3rd parties

    Today I spent a lot of time trouble-shooting why exporting to IFC for a relatively simple model was crashing our PC's
    The model has literally 76 items in it, is mostly foundations and steel framing, with a couple of generic models in it.

    After a lot of trial and error putting the IFC export onto the lowest detail setting (extremely low) in the IFC export settings, I was able to export a useable model - although relative to other IFC files created for the project, with far more geometry contained in them, this file was considerably larger in size. (13000KB compared to 6000 for example)

    When I started to dig deeper I found one particular family that used imported geometry from what looks to be either Inventor, Solid works, or possibly Sketch-up. Unfortunately I have no idea which one it came from but it is a metallic object with some super high level of detail fillets and shaping on the metal parts, and in addtion some really fine "text" that is actually modeled.

    All of this adds up to Revit being unable to process the detail level, and especially at export.

    But I am pretty certain that this sort of detail would be causing other performance issues in the project.

    Anyhow long story short, rather than importing geometry from a manufacturer that sends you modeled items especially from solidworks or inventor ask them to "simplify surfaces" when they export at the very least, but I think even it would be better to just remodel these items in a "lo-fi" representation using revit tools.

    I know some of you deal with high detail level objects I would be interested to hear your feedback on the flow-on issues these sort of "hi-fi" imports from Inventor, Solidworks or Sketchup have caused you

    Edit: Added a picture to demonstrate the fine level of filleting on some surfaces
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