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Titleblock scale - parameter that halves the scale

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    Titleblock scale - parameter that halves the scale

    Hi smart people!

    I'm setting up an A1 sized titleblock - I've used the scale label to show what the scale will be at the original A1 size. I'd like to find a second label that halves that scale; i.e. shows the scale it would be if printed at A3.

    Does anyone know how to make a label that would halve the original scale?

    Thank you!

    Don't think that can happen automatically.

    Better to tell people some that the print is scaled, I have seen people use a small 3 square icon (1x3 cm) in there title block with the text that it should be 1x3cm or else it is a scaled drawing
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      The views only have one correct scale. The use of graphic scales might help avoid this issue.


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