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Circuit Multiple Elements to their own Circuit

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    Circuit Multiple Elements to their own Circuit

    Anyone aware of a way to circuit multiple elements to their own circuit quickly? The only way I know how is to select each individually and click power and then assign the panel. The reason I ask is that we may need to create a fixture to represent existing load that is not in the scope and if there are 20 existing circuits I don't want people to have to repeat that process 20 times.

    I know you can have multiple connector using shared components, but that doesn't help because it adds the need to tab thru circuits.

    Also if anyone has done this for existing loads, how do you hide your elements so you don't annoy architects with extra elements? Workset? Detail level?


    I was able to create a dynamo script to connect multiple fixtures to a panel and rename them "EXISTING LOAD". Still hoping there is a non Dynamo method.
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