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    Revit Wall Sweeps

    Hello World,

    I have seen this happen a few times and have never been able to figure out why it happens.

    Seemingly without doing anything my sweeps will move on a wall - the settings are still appropriate and other walls of the same type are fine.

    In the shot I provided the stud wall in the middle is the exact same type copied from the other end of the wall with the same constraints but it is fine and the other walls are not. When copying the bad guy his badness stays.

    What I usually do is copy a good new wall and put it where the bad one was and then eventually this little lovely thing happens again...rinse and repeat.

    I can't find any info on it - anyone have any suggestions?
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    i believe whats happening (if im not mistaken) is the 3d sweep is correct, but you have a detail component in the profile for the sweep, and the DC is shidting or mirroring when the wall is cut in crrtain instances, yes?

    if thats accurate, the answer is simple: Dont do it rhat way, with the sweeps and the DC's. just use the DC's in the view.

    you wont get all the framing modeled anyway, and that method fails the moment thr top of a wall is non standard, non uniform in height, and so on. There are battles eorth fighting in revit, but rhat wouldnt be one, in my opinion.
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      is that detail component affected by the wall justification? It almost looks like the middle wall is set to centerline justification and the others are set as external or internal? It looks like the DC is moved about by that justification point of the wall...hard to tell without having the item to look at it


        Thanks people. I was trying to utilize the DC being in the sweep and not needing to draw each one, especially in the cases where I can benefit from there being a lot of one wall height. Best I could figure is the DC moved over sometimes when I copy/paste a wall - it didn't even have to be near the issue wall...which doesn't make much sense, so I must be wrong.

        My solution for now is no DC, I can still benefit from the framing profile in the wall.

        I appreciate your time
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