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Real difference between mass and model in place , test question ! Please look

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    Real difference between mass and model in place , test question ! Please look

    Hello guys i have an important question,please help!
    What is the real difference between mass and model in place ?
    A)Mass is a real BIM
    B)Using sweep tool while generating model in place
    C)Using conservative design tools while modeling mass
    D)Model-in place is a real BIM
    E)Mass can be derived from walls

    If that is a real test question on a real test, whomever wrote that test has no clue what they are doing, or what they are talking about.

    EDIT: Expanding on that, Mass is a CATEGORY of objects. A MASS can be done as a Component OR as an In Place Component.

    So the question "Mass or In Place" doesnt make sense. Its like asking someone if they want to "Ride in a car today, or wear a read shirt." Its possible to wear a red shirt riding in a car, and its possible to not do either. The question is nonsensical.

    A: makes no sense. First, define "real BIM."
    B: A Sweep is just a form in the family editor or Conceptial massing Editor. Whats the question here?
    C: What is *conservative* and what is the question?
    D: Non sensical.
    E: Walls can be derived from Masses. Not the other way around. Although this is more of a semantic question, since you can use walls with pick lines to create lines that create Forms.

    But what the hell is this question even asking?
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      Yeah its why i posted it here What should i say ? Everyone reply please share your thoughts.

      I agree with you its a silly question but what you do if you are solving that test :/
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        The answer is None of the Above. As Aaron alluded to, Mass and Model In Place don't directly relate to one another. Mass is a category, and a mass can be modeled in place. Modelling in place can be done for most any Revit model category.


          I agree it's a very poorly worded question and set of possible answers. Answer C seems like it meant to use "Conceptual" instead of "Conservative". If so then that answer is closest to what the question might be trying to ask...poorly. Massing is intended for conceptual design while in place modelling is merely another modelling technique or choice.


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