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Configuring pyRevit with Parallax colorized Tabs

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    Configuring pyRevit with Parallax colorized Tabs

    I'm setting up my installation for pyRevit 4.8.8
    Got most of it working, but I'd like to set up the configuration seed file to turn on the Parallax Colorize Tabs options
    What's the correct flag to turn on colorize?
    If I configure it manually, my pyRevit_config.ini shows
    colorize_docs = true

    sort_colorize_docs = false
    tabstyle_index = 6
    family_tabstyle_index = 3

    I'd be satisfied with just turning on the option, but I've tried several variations of colorize_docs = true
    The pyRevit config command doesn't like any of them.
    • pyrevit configs colorizedocs true
    • pyrevit configs colorize_docs true
    • pyrevit configs colorizedocs enable
    • pyrevit configs colorize_docs enable
    Dave Plumb
    BWBR Architects; St Paul, MN

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    Just a quick clarification:

    The Tab Coloring in pyRevit is solely from Ehsan, who makes pyRevit. He gave us a nod in the About section, because he was working on his colorized tabs at the same time that John was working on ours. But they are different things, entirely. Developed separately.
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