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Foundation Wall Footings Disappear

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    Foundation Wall Footings Disappear

    I've taken over a model in which the foundation walls are modelled as... basic walls and the strip footings modelled as 'structural foundation walls' (as the tool icon is named). In 3D view all walls and footings are showing fine. When in a plan view some footings are not showing. I've tested this by modelling a wall with footing at say 10m long. Then using the end nodes, dragged the walls to say 2m long. The footing disappears from view in plan but not 3D view.

    I'm stumped.

    I'm not sure if it's in Revit 2022 thing because I would normally use the wall sweep tool to add a footing so not familiar with the structural foundation walls tool.

    Foundation Wall and Footing.jpg

    Well first off u shouldn't model foundations like that. dont use sweeps as foundations.

    Workset issue?

    hide element in view (people like doing


      Have you checked view depth, phasing (of both elements and views) and any plan regions?
      Julie Kidder
      Architect + BIM Director
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        As Darius mentioned, using sweeps as foundation walls can cause other issues. With that said though, the OP mentioned they have taken over the project from another.
        Do check your footing to see if it is on the correct workset if you are using worksets. If you have anchored your footing to the wall via select, in your 3D view, you can select the footing & check both the workset & base constraint of the footing.
        From the pic you provided though, having a 'new view' (top) & original view (btm) you may want to check your view template settings. If the original modeler is using view templates it may be set for certain materials, certain lengths, etc. Also check for filters.
        As JMK mentioned, also look for plan regions & phases. View depths are for vertical adjustments & this isn't a vertical adjustment.
        I'm banking on a view template. Placing a new footing without certain criteria in the footing & using view templates can certainly 'hide' the footing from view.


          Ahhh... Love the RevitForum. Always good for a little hand slap. Just kidding Darius 😉 I've been using Revit for years and must have been shown footings as wall sweeps. Completely agree with you though, in this case if there's a tool for the job and it actually works well, why wouldn't I use it eh.

          Plan Regions. That's what it was. Hidden plan Regions. Hidden plans regions hidden under hidden building pads. Hidden plans regions hidden under hidden building pads and hidden topography.

          Thanks again all for your responses!


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