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    Advice on graphics

    I have a multistory building with 3 "wings", left and right wings are at the same height, and the center wing is at half elevation from other two (see attached section)
    I'm having a problem showing all elements on floor plans as some of the elements are not cut by the floor plan view range and not showed, like some windows, and some of the casework are showed on floor plan below, but they should be seen at all. I just can't fine tune the floor plan section line to cut everything.

    What would be the best approach here?
    I would like to show the floor plans graphically like there are no elevation differences - all is on the "same" level

    Thank you - section - floor plan 1 - floor plan 2

    Use Plan Regions, on the center portion, and set the Floor Plans View Range so that its correct on the outer portions.
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      I didn't know that existed.
      I will try that, thank you!


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