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Is this a known bug?

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    Is this a known bug?

    This is something I noticed with my last project...
    Here are the steps...
    1. I make a new in-place family. Two boxes, placed as img1. The two boxes are one solid... I didn't make the one and then copied it..
    2. Make a section as in img2.
    3. Go to view... I see both two boxes!!! (Img3).

    This shouldn't happen, right?

    Well, the solution is easy, just break the model to two separate boxes... but this is a strange bug!
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    Now that you mention it, I experienced the same. I made a in-place family consisting of 3 extrusions. 2 of should be visible in the ground floor plan, the 3rd was way higher located, above the top view range. Despite this also the 3rd extrusion popped up in the floor plan.
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      That's correct behaviour (although somewhat dependant of the category you place the family in). Revit "sees" both solids as one unified element and will show all (again, more or less depending on the category you are using).
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        so when is a section not a section?

        this behaviour is also apparent in 3d using a section box...

        edit: maybe this is why some families don't get cut by 3d sections
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          Its not even a bug. Its "as intended behvior." Thats whats so funny about it!
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