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Change work plane of structural beam

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    Change work plane of structural beam

    I am not too familiar with Revit when it comes to structural components. I have attached an image depicting the issue. Basically, I am trying to change the work plane of this beam. How would I go about this? Is it possible to change it in section? I tried rotating it to no avial. If not, that's ok. I am not sure how it works. Thank you for your help
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    Revit allows changing only parallel work planes for a beam.
    In your case:
    Recreate beam(s) on the desired work plane ("clean way");
    Select the beam > right click > Detach From Plane > Align to desired work plane (after detaching the beam becomes glitchy).
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      You could also edit the rotation and z offset to keep the beam hosted/behaving, but honestly i would just redraw the beam on the correct plane, if in fact it needs to be vertical.
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        In the instance properties of the beam, you can change the orientation from "normal" to "horizontal". This will achieve your desired result. As Elton mentioned, you can then modify the z Offset Value as needed, while still maintaining the current hosted workplane (roof), which is probably where it needs to remain.
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          If possible, it is better to avoid beams on an inclined reference plane, orientation changes and offsets due to snapping and join problems.


            Hi katewood1989,

            You can change the rotation of the beam in the section view. There is an option in the property box as a Cross-section rotation. Put the angle of rotation in this box. I hope the attachments will help you.


            Abhisekh Das

            Click image for larger version

Name:	Beam 1.JPG
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Name:	Beam 2.JPG
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