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Editing a View Title

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    Editing a View Title

    So I'm trying to edit a current view title so that I can change the "title" without changing anything in my project browser.

    Currently the "title" is a label in reference to the "View Name". Thus, when I change it in the project, the view name changes in the project browser as well. I don't want that.

    I think what I need to do is change the reference from "View Name" to a new parameter. However, I can't figure out how to create a new one. The "new parameter" button at the bottom of the "Edit Label" window is not clickable.

    Advice?? Thanks

    Editing a View Title

    Use the "Title on Sheet" parameter does exactly what you want. Hint: Use short, coded abbreviated "View Names" since these show up in the Project Browser and want IMO to be compact...then when the "Title on Sheet" values are filled in that is what the sheet's titles will report...not changing the view name or Proj Browser... See image attached...
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      I agree with JBZ, and would like to add that you can force a wrap of text using "Title on Sheet." When you're typing in the "Title on Sheet" parameter box, hit CTRL+Enter where you want the text to wrap. This helps keep the drawings clean and the title's shorter instead of using spaces to eventually get it to wrap.
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        It's always best to use what is supposed to be used!!!

        Revit Rule:
        If you don't know each & every parameter yet and know what each does the DO NOT make any new ones (you'll probably just remake something that's already there...
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          How to view the SHEET LIST

          I can't find where and how to view the SHEET LIST shown in ur attached one


            It's a schedule. Go to View Tab > Schedule > Sheet List...
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              OK why ca't you add new parameters in a View Title family?
              I would like ot make a custom family to show the Room Name, Room numer and Elevation Number, but I can't add shared parameters to the view titles family?
              Andrew Harp
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