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    Journal break point

    OK you journal gurus, I am looking to add a "break point" to a journal. I want to be able to take any journal and add a break point that drops me into interactive mode at the point of my choosing. My initial thought was a simple error in the journal would do it (say text like BREAK!), hoping the text was just read in line by line until it hits something the interpreter can't handle. Nope. Nor does it have the grace to preprocess the journal and throw a syntax error. Instead it seems to simply crash Revit. Now I don't feel so bad about the lack of an error trap in my AUBench Batch code.

    Anyway, any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

    Pragmatic Praxis

    Attempting to press and drag, when press and drag isnt activated, drops you in to interactive mode. But on that note, ive noticed in journals if you try to switch to a view and its already opened, it goes to interactive. If you tell it to swtch to hidden line and it already is, it goes to interactive. Etc. Not sure that will help...
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