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Curtain Wall Corners

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    Curtain Wall Corners

    Two questions regarding curtain wall mullions.

    1. Is there a way to "join" curtain walls at corners so they share a single corner mullion? Currently, both my walls have to have a corner mullion, which means at the corners I have overlapping mullions.

    2. Is there a way to get horizontal mullions to clean up easily around a 90 deg corner mullions? See attached image. The top part is where I have removed the corner mullion from the left wall, but it is still there for the right wall. The lower horizontal is where I have a corner mullion (so 2 on top of each other) for both walls.

    Thanks for any help.
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    regarding you first question I guess the answer is to model one of the mullions as the corner one and to delete the other one, for the second question maybe an in place family can do the trick, problem is if you have a lot of those mullions!!
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      Thanks for the response. The issue I ran into with removing one of the vertical corner mullions is that then the glass and horizontal mullions unless I fudge the length of the wall to bring the mullion and glass back.




        Cant be done fully correctly (the way a real curtain wall gets detailed) in just the Curtain Wall Tool. Hence we all use Families for the corner mullions, and then there does end up being a slight geometry overlap, or a slight gap (your choice).
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            Check out the Revit Kid curtain wall tutorials. The following is just one that may be useful:

            Revit Tutorial - The Quad Corner Mullion |! - Tutorials, Tips, Products, and Information on all things Revit / BIM


              Purvi Irwin (@BIMChiq) posted a trick on Twitter a while ago

              Purvi Irwin
              Need your curtain walls in #Revit to clean up at a corner when embedded in another wall? Set the dashed centerline of the curtain wall to the exterior face of the wall it's embedded in and then offset your mullions and panels.
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                Having been tickled by DaveP's linked tip by Purvi Irwin for cleaning up corners when curtain walls are embedded (i.e. making embedded glazing go round a corner) I see that cheinaranta's link takes you to a forum thread where such setting the centre line to outer wall face and offsetting the panel inwards isn't recommended.

                Great stuff - where else could you find this 'at the coal face' sort of information :thumbsup:
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