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    Edit View Title family

    Hi everyone

    I have 2 issues with view title family. Below description.

    1. I made a copy of family and named it e.g. "View title tomsson". I made changes and loaded family into project. Unfortunately I cannot change view title family from "view title" to "view title tomsson". Is it possible? If yes how to do that?

    2. Due to fact that I was not able to change the family, I edited the existing family "View title". I opened it and changed it in the way I wanted. I loaded into project and... there are 3 "options" for this family (Viewport: title in line, title only and no title) and my changes were only implemented to "title in line". How to edit remaining two "options"? I have the same issue for other families e.g. rebar tag.

    I really appreciate any help from your side.

    Thanks in advance.

    You have to create an additional View Title Type in the project for each view title family types...
    Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


      Okay let's say that I understand the thing with View Title (I think that I understand). But I have another example - Multi rebar annotation. Please take a look at pictures below. How it is made that user can choose 1 of 5 options and when I click "edit family" there are a lot of labels for each instances? How it is possible that when I choose e.g. Typ & Number then only label "Typ & Number" is visible on the drawing? I try to understand how families work. Thanks in advance for help.

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        Look at each label in the family and notice the Visible parameter's small gray button with the equal sign (=). That means the parameter is associated with another parameter, one that decides when the label is visible. Then look at the Family Types dialog and note when the corresponding check box is checked or not. Extrapolate from there...


          Thanks to your answer I found the video that explains how it works.

          Thanks again


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