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Lighting problem on interior rendering

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    Lighting problem on interior rendering

    Hey everyone,

    I'm currently trying to render an interior in revit 2012. I have interior lights in the model but they are part of a MEP model that is linked in and not editable. Is there a way I can render and have these lights render because currrently they are rendering. I've checked the Visual graphics to make sure the light source is on and it is. Also when trying to rendering there are only 4 lights detected (which are not part of the linked file) though theres around 100 lights in the linked model. Any suggestions?

    First thing I would check, and forgive me if you have and think I'm stating the obvious, but check to see if the MEP families actually have light sources in them - I'd be willing to bet they don't.

    Even if they do, that won't help you solve adjusting them through to the linked model - so :

    If you're in a rush; make a copy of their model and adjust the elements/families yourself.
    If you're happy to wait; ask the MEP guys to update their families. With an .ies file no less.

    And welcome to the forums! :thumbsup:


      btw, you CAN select and check out elements in the linked file. Place your mouse over them and hit tab till it highlights.
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        Hey there is no Photometrics section under type properties for the linked file lights. I'm presuming that is the lightsource in the family.


          Originally posted by ncebula View Post
          I'm presuming that is the lightsource in the family.
          Correct. So now you've simply got to decide, option A, or option B.


            Well, option B isn't quite that easy. If there is no light source in the family, that means they either didn't use a Light Fixture family template to create the families that are in the model, or they have light sources turned off. If they have light sources turned off in the family (it's just a check box in the family's "Other" section of the family parameters) they just need to turn that back on.

            If it is NOT a light fixture family to begin with, then you can't simply place an IES definition in the family and call it a day. They will need to either recreate the geometry of the lights they are using into a light fixture family that has a light source in it or nest the geometry into a light fixture family with a light source in it.

            Regardless of which method they go with, it was poor practice for them to decide that their models should not include light sources as this brings the entire structure of Revit coordination to its knees.

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              One other thing to remember is their fixtures wont cut your ceiling, so if the light is added, you still have to cut holes in your ceilings.
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                Ok thank you everyone. It is looking like it would jsut be easier to place the lights into the model on our end as needed for renderings.


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