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    Help Mep Duct System Type

    Please can someone advice how to create a system type using fabrication mep parts.
    If I create a exhaust or supply air duct duct from the duct system family then click on design to fabrication I lose the system type eg supply air or return air etc.
    How can I name my services using the fabrication parts all I seem to have on the drop down list is Duct work (250 PA ) up to duct work (1000 PA ). Even in the properties there is no option to make the system other than stated above 250pa up to 1000 pa.

    Also how can I auto number my duct parts there is an item number in the identity data but it does not seem to work
    Just one more how do i get fabrication ducts to show up in a schedule

    Many Thanks for any help

    This has to be done in the Fabrication CADmep Database. Do you have access to this program with your license and if so you'll need this installed.

    TIP: You'll need to create your own Database file if this is something you want to pursue as a company standard. That way you can network share this with other internal users. If you're a one-man-show, then you can go without this pretty easily but I recommend understanding where these files are kept and maintained for future use.

    Tannar Z. Frampton ™
    Frampton & Associates, Inc.


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