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Object selectable, but not visible in 3D

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    Object selectable, but not visible in 3D

    I have a RTU family that I created. It is visible in plan view, but not in 3D. I've checked all the visibility settings I can think of and can't get it to show up. The strange thing is, I can select it in 3D and use it's connectors. I just can't see it. Any ideas?

    Select and Edit the family. Select the "box" representing the RTU. If it is an extrusion or sweep, highlight it. In the ribbon, go to Visibility Settings and see if all the boxes are checked.
    It could also be a Detail Level setting--check boxes for Coarse, Medium and Fine. Save/Reload into the Project and check the 3d View. Check and see what Category the RTU family is--i.e Mechanical Equipment, Generic Model, etc. ( It should be Mechanical Equipment category). In the 3D View, make sure that Mechanical Equipment is turned on in VG as well.
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