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Reliable families... New error in 2019

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    Reliable families... New error in 2019

    And what a wonderfully useless one it is,

    "Constraints between geometry in the family can behave unpredictably on parameter modification. To make the family reliable, constrain geometry to levels, reference planes, or reference lines."

    ...I've got a few of these popping up during an .rfa library-save out from our freshly upgraded (2017 to 2019) .rte, and don't recall ever seeing it before.

    I'm taking the name of family next to the stalled progress bar as the offending item so am jotting them done to investigate after the run is complete, but thought whilst it chews I'd throw it up here.

    Click image for larger version

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    It seems to be showing up when you constrain to something other than a reference plane or reference line.
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      I thought that started with 2018? Or did you skip that one altogether?
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        Originally posted by DavidLarson View Post
        It seems to be showing up when you constrain to something other than a reference plane or reference line.
        Interesting - that's one of the golden rules - and me and my guy are pretty militant, so we'll be digging into the (12) identified next week for sure.

        Originally posted by cellophane View Post
        Or did you skip that one altogether?
        Yup! : )


          Trying to get things centered (working with window trims) is where I first noticed this. I thought I was picking the reference plane but it was picking the center of one of the other nested families.

          Extending the reference lines out more than I normally do helped with that
          ​My ID was stolen. Now I'm only called Dav


            I didn't notice until 2018 but I didn't do a lot of Save Library before then either. Regardless, the save process seems to be more aware of constraints that reference forms instead of reference planes.


              2018 and newer are massive pains in the ass for that warning, and it bricks a ton of automated workflows that process families.

              It's a giant goddamned thanks for nothing. LOL.

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                Seems like you can align and constrain to other geometry in Generic Model families but not Windows. Too bad...I had a nice rig set up. It works fine in a Generic test family, but the error message pops up as soon as you hit the locking constraint in a Window family.


                  The families where I see the error are those where I've arrayed a family, and have a parameter specifying the offset between instances in an array. When I initially built them I tried defining it with reference planes, but it didn't work - that one parameter had to to attach to the item for it to work. I haven't rebuilt/built any new families with arrays recently, so I've just been ignoring the error for now. I'd like to eliminate it, but I need arrays to work!
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                    Originally posted by jmk View Post
                    I need arrays to work!
                    Don't we all!
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