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    Upon Completion - SAVE

    I know this isn't the wish forum, so this is more of inquiry. I get the whole render in the cloud...assuming you've paid for credits. Skip all that. Any of the visualization guys/gals with any history from Max recall the incredibly useful Save upon completion operation of the rendering engine. I dont know why this hasn't surfaced in Revit as a basis of rendering operation since the took that engine and migrated it into Revit. I get not everyone does if you dont, no worries. If anyone has discovered an app or other method, perhaps Dynamo or via the autodesk store, please share.

    An ideal workflow....
    Work all day, setting materials and modeling refinements. At 4:50 click render. Click the save upon completion button. It pops up a dialog of the rendering types, png, jpg, tiff, bmp...with options just like max, for RGB or transparency channel separations. Click ok, and walk away. SLEEP WELL...and come into work to a file on the server, completed.

    Work all day, setting materials and modeling refinements. At 4:50 click render. Stress cause every time you rendered it takes forever. And your stuck here until it completes the rendering or risk the computer going to sleep, or a power outage and losing the rendering all together. SLEEP IN YOUR CHAIR cause you aint going home cause of the looming deadline.

    Any other visualization guys/gals support?

    Architexts - Overnight Renderings

    We are using Enscape for our renderings....don't have to wait as long...
    Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


      Totally agree and want that. Trust me. I am stuck with a budget and no money to purchase. People above are just ignorant.


        It used to be 100% doable. There was a simple utility that used a text file for the view names, and the render settings you wanted to use, and it kicked out a journal file and ran it.

        I haven't seen it in a few years, so I haven't checked to see if it's still possible to do or not.

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