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Adding an analytical model line to existing stuctural frame

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    Adding an analytical model line to existing stuctural frame


    I've got a question regarding a parametric family (structural framing).
    I created parametric family of a frame with trapezoidal web and I'd like to insert there a simple analytical model lines to export it further to a static program, is there a possibility to do it? (below a screen of the family)

    There are different ways to deal with this. Choose the method that makes more sense for you.

    1) Revit provides analytical lines automatically for columns and beams. But in this case, it won't give you at the same time a vertical line and a horizontal/slanted line automatically. Therefore, you could do this element as two separate families. One that is a column and another one that is a beam. (Not nested). Now you will get the 2 analytical lines automatically, and always related to the start and end points of both column and beam.

    2) It is possible to add the analytical lines "manually". Like this: Component > Model in Place > Generic model > (choose linetype "anatytical lines [projection], set a workplane, draw the analytical line, and create a group with the analytical lines and the family of the frame that you created,

    3) Do this frame as a truss family. This solution will give you automatic analytical lines for both members of the frame and will keep all the dimensions parametric. You just have to select a custom tapered structural member for the vertical piece and a tapered member for the slanted piece. This solution is simple and works well. See illustration for this solution.
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