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Tools4Revit - Products for RAC, RST, MEP users

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    Tools4Revit - Products for RAC, RST, MEP users

    Architects, constructors, engineers as well as building contractors using Autodesk® Revit® can all benefit from the tools4revit add-on products. These applications and extensions geared specifically to Revit® users and a BIM workflow, they significantly increase productivity and reduce the design costs.

    tools4revit is developed by AGA CAD Ltd., Autodesk Authorised Developer, operating since 1991.

    Click on the links below to access more information about each tools4revit product:
    Building Information Detailing helps quickly to design buildings, manage facilities and analyze BIM data.
    Sort&Mark automatically sorts and marks graphical, architectural, and structural elements by localized and user defined configuration.
    Smart Browser plug-in quickly finds Revit® families placed in the user's computer or server.
    Smart Sheets provides a set of tools for management of sheets: creates new sheets by selected templates; adds new views according to the selected view position; updates sheet parameters.
    Dynamic Legend creates, modifies and updates intelligent legends for different Revit® elements by one click.
    Quick Table add-on helps to insert any external text or numerical data and creates/updates tables in Revit® drafting view.
    Quick Dimension quickly creates dimensions by settled configuration: automatically adds dimensions to selected elements; works in elevations and sections; creates some dimension chains by one click.
    U-Value automatically calculates U-Value (overall heat transfer coefficient) for walls, floors, roofs, ceilings and foundation slabs.
    Smart Floors inserts floor panels according to selected walls, grids etc. and modifies them with ease.
    Sort&Cope provides a set of tools for coping structural framing elements by predefined coping distance quickly and easy.
    Cut Opening plug-in manages the creation of openings where ducts, pipes, cable trays or conduits are crossing walls, floors or ceilings.
    Truss+ helps quickly to create/edit new types of parametrical wooden trusses and help to frame roof hips, gables, barn ends, L returns and valley sets with ease.
    Rafter+ application provides a set of intuitive tools for wooden roof creation what help to complete the framing of any roof shape very easy.

    tools4revit 30-day free trials are fully operational; you can download the software and see does it meet your needs and requirements.

    E-trainings (e-demo's) are included in all the T4R add-ons.
    You can connect to the demos directly from menu item - E-Help (web).

    Download and try tools4revit products. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
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    We’re proud to announce that a new application for Revit MEP users has been released. We’ve been working on Smart Diffuser that, we think, has very cool and productivity boosting tools.

    We are currently looking for 10 Revit MEP experts to test Smart Diffuser application beta version. Responses of this test group will have an influence to the final application version.

    Each approved tester will get 1 license of the final Smart Diffuser version free of charge. Testers will also be the first to receive updates about coming releases.

    Want to join to the Smart Diffuser test group? If you are interested in a tester position please send us e-mail by [email protected] till 11/11/2011.


      We are glad to congratulate all Autodesk Revit users on coming Christmas and give a present valuable to every one of them!

      Smart Browser is an extension for Autodesk® Revit® Architecture/Structure/MEP 2012 that makes it easy to find, share, sell or buy needed Revit families.

      Click on the link to download a free Smart Browser licence: Tools4Revit | Smart Browser | Free!
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        How does smart browser handle type catalogs? Can a user place a single type from a type catalog into their project from the external browser or or does it place all types from the type catalog in the project or does only place the types that are stored in the family file?


          Smart Browser handles type catalogs through the different types. You can choose to load just one selected type or all types via one of two buttons in the family browser viewer.


            Good news for Revit MEP users

            Our ultimate product Smart Sprinklers is a powerful Revit MEP extension that allows you to easily plan sprinkler's location in the BIM model and automatically routes pipes from sprinklers to the distibution pipes. Extension highly speeds-up MEP modeling process.


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