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How to Create Carpet Tile - Rendering

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    How to Create Carpet Tile - Rendering

    I'm working on a floor plan and trying to tile the carpet a specific way. I have 7 images of the tile through their website and want to do an ashlar installation pattern on the floor. Is there a way to do this without it looking monolithic and also without placing each tile as a floor type individually? I want a random pattern of these tiles. Is there a popular plug-in that will help that I'm not aware of?

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    a material with hatch....maybe
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      Is this for rendering or documentation?

      I assume rendering. If so you need a texture map as as large as you can handle a repeat. If a repeat every 10ft is okay then make the map at least that large. If it’s 100ft, the map needs to be that large.

      If you’re not going out to Enscape you can try using the built in tile procedural map to vary the coloration if each tile. Not sure about the map if each tile.

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        Correct this is for rendering. So creating a simple hatch would not work. I will try a large map and see how that looks. I was just hoping something could randomize the images similar to how revit can "randomize" tiles. The difference is that is using colors and shading and not images. Otherwise, I need to try to hand randomize 8"x36" carpet tiles for a large church sanctuary space.


          You can also have somebody skilled with photoshop take a seamless pattern and manipulate it to get the same effect. It's not a hard thing to do once you know the process
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            There are a couple plugins for Photoshop, a few for Paint.Net, and some stand-alone programs that can create tiling patterns without too much effort. There was a thread a while back that mentioned a couple of the stand-alone programs but I fail and can't find it at the moment...


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              You will want to assemble the image map in a photo editing program like Photoshop or Paintshop pro, Gimp is free. Make the image a multiple of the realworld size so you can scale it properly in revit. Make a hatch pattern to match the joint pattern, you can export that as an image file to use to "fill" with your carpet tiles in photoshop. You will also use the hatch pattern to orient the image map correctly.Click image for larger version

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