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Having Issues moving families Together

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    Having Issues moving families Together

    So I have a Door and Box which need to go same height and width when the dimensions change
    Example: Cabinet Width= 100 Door Width = 100 - 1.5- 1.5 ( The 1.5 in family works) its just the door doesn't move to the right place where cabinet goes instead of going left it goes right ..hmm what am I doing wrong?

    Check the image for reference.
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    What I always do is build these type of families from the middle, so locking stuff to the center ref plane and having a left and right ref plane that are EQ and with the width parameter.

    Not easy to figure out this stuff from just a few images, but it looks like you build them from the center ref plane to one side and if you have the door mirrored compared to the cabinet, if you change the width they both extend in the other direction and end up in the wrong place. So, I think in this case you can mirror your door and lock it in place again an that should do the trick.
    Company Website:
    Revit Ideas: Is this family Mirrored? | Approve warnings | Family Type parameter just those in the family


      omg - I did that ..(Post file to RFO please) ( to show what I did)
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        Not sure if mirroring would do it for me , looking at the door I am trying to pin it to the middle and see if the references would - I have a feeling i have to go ahead and fix the families individually ..


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