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Link & Bind Changes or Removes System Type

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    Link & Bind Changes or Removes System Type

    I know this is kind of an MEP based question, but I figure architects have experience in binding models too, like maybe a structure model into an your architecture model.

    I have a mechanical piping model and a plumbing model. I need to be able to work on both of them in the same model, so I stripped down and linked the plumbing model into the mech piping model, binded the link, and ungrouped it, so now essentially they are one model combined together. However, When I link in the plumbing model all the system types are correct, but when I bind it, it removes or changes the system type on everything. All the storm drains become undefined and all of my domestic water (hot, cold and recirc) gets changed to domestic hot water . In the stand alone plumbing model everything is correct, and still correct when I link it, but once it binds is when it screws up. When I click the drop down to menu for System Type on the storm sewer, there are no other system type options. I read that you can draw branch piping off the existing undefined and it'll change it, but that sounds like a real pain to go and do to everything when it should just keep everything the same as it was.

    The piping system families are in the project browser. I have linked & binded these models previously with older versions of the model, and that time it worked fine, and I believe I'm doing the exact same thing I did last time, so I'm not sure why it's not working this time.

    Is there a way to compare two different models (the old and the new) and see if there's something I forgot to remove or a setting I didn't change in the new one? Or is there a way to export/push/publish settings, configurations, etc from the old model to the new one? Any other ideas?
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