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Family constraints

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    Family constraints

    I am trying to learn the art of family creation throughcreating a set of bookshelves.
    I am doing this by working through a tutorial I found in abook by Ascent.
    At first it seems fairly simple : create reference planesand extrude timber planes, locking them to the reference planes.
    One strange thing is that when extruding timber pieces theyoften run through each other. A clash detection notice does not appear.
    The approach this tutorial takes is: modify geometry andjoin. A sort of Boolean operation takes place.

    Surely a better approach would be: take the first piece oftimber and place it on the face of the second piece of timber.
    This may involve disassociating it from an existingreference plane you had locked it to. Place it on the face of the second pieceof timber (not within it). Drawing a newreference plane and lock it to it, ifnecessary.
    This approach of adjusting the constraints on the face of anelement is one of the basics of family creation, no?

    Does anyone know where good tutorials on family creation canbe found?
    Thanks in advance.

    #2, sensible youtube channels, they are around you may have to pay for books and their datasets or linda.
    Motorbike riding is one long bezier curve


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