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Revit family MEP creation with electrical and conduit connectors

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    Revit family MEP creation with electrical and conduit connectors

    hi everyone,

    I'm facing some problems to create electrical and conduit connectors on a nested family.
    I created a family with electrical connector and then tried insert in a host family, but the connector dissapear.

    How can I work with connectors on nested families?

    Best regards
    Bruno Brunetto

    Unfortunately nested connectors dont work, you can only place them in the host family.

    It is possible to make the nested family Shared and then the connectors will be visible (You can even connect to them if you use TAB to select the nested family), but this creates other problems because of a bug in the position of the connectors.
    This is something that has often been requested by users but Autodesk dont seem to be interested in solving this problem.
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