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How to prevent viewport types from "sticking" to copied 2D views?

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    How to prevent viewport types from "sticking" to copied 2D views?

    Is there any way to prevent this phenomenon where a 2D drafting view copied in from another project results in a rogue viewport type becoming "stuck" with that view?

    Our template has only 4 viewport types, but often when copying in details from other projects, there are other duplicate viewport types created, with duplicate view titles, I guess due to small differences in the view titles used between the projects. I can delete the duplicate view title types from the Project Browser, but when I try to Purge those viewport types, it thinks they're in use and doesn't list them in the Purge list. And if I delete those drafting views back out of my project (they have not been placed on sheets, therefore should have no viewport type associated with them), then suddenly that viewport is seen as "unused" and shows up in the Purge list.

    So as it stands currently I don't see any way to keep our list of viewport types confined to those 4 original types in our template. Any ideas?

    PyRevit can remove them, I think.

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      2nd Pyrevit...import away. Schedules, drafting views, etc...Whatever was done with PyRevit you can merge all of the junk view title types to a specific one then purge them out of your project with Purge....Revit Purge, not a special pyrevit one.
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