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Partially Bold text in Label

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    Partially Bold text in Label

    Hello Everyone,

    I am new to the forums and hope that I am posting to the correct place! I am trying to create a Label as part of a new titleblock family that feature text that is both bold and not bold, such as...

    OPTION1A_Guest Room Layouts

    I know I can concatenate two shared parameters (heading, subheading) in one label but then it is either bold or not. Alternatively, I could split them into two labels but then I am at a loss as to achieve consistently tight spacing when text fields shorten or lengthen.

    Ideally there would be some markup tag (\b?) I could enter into the text of the parameter to achieve this...

    On a related note, the firm i just joined (which I am helping transition to Revit!) has a graphic convention of showing project names on their existing title blocks similarly. For example a project called NLHouse, would appear NLHouse. Any Ideas on how this might be achievable, other than a static text field on custom per project sheet? I am trying to duplicate as much of their graphic standard as possible, without having to create unique sheets for each project.

    Thank you in advance for all of your help

    Two labels; bold right justified, normal left justified. Not perfect but the best you’re gonna get.

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    Greg McDowell Jr


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