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    Shared parameters in tags

    Hi Everyone

    I hope that someone can tell me where I’m going awry.

    We currently have a Joint Venture Project. The models or work is broken up in the following manner.

    Our model ‘A’ – container
    Our Model ‘B’– toilets
    Our Model ‘E’ – Electrical
    JV Partner ‘JV’ – FF&E

    All models are linked into the ‘A’ where tagging and scheduling occurs.

    The ‘JV’ model contains FF&E components. These components have shared parameters lets call them ‘SP1’ and ‘SP2’, one of which ‘SP1’ must display in the tags.

    We have exported the needed shared parameters into our project's Shared Parameter file.

    We then have a couple of tag families for the categories of elements, which we received from the JV partner. These tags display one of the shared parameters, ‘SP1’.

    Our problem.

    The components in the ‘B’ model have been given the shared parameter ‘SP1’ and it displays when tagged.
    The FF&E items display the correct information when tagged.
    The ‘E’ model items do not display said information.

    In trying to fix this I started at the Tag family.
    • I noticed that it had a duplicate shared parameter. ‘SP1’ and ‘SP1’.
    • I added this as another label whilst leaving the original and loaded back into ‘A’. sure enough, both Shared parameters which are duplicate, named the exact same and under the exact same grouping, display the same information. When tagging ‘JV’ and ‘B’ model items.
    • BUT, the ‘E’ model items still don’t tag. only ‘?’ marks.

    I then went and added another shared parameter to the tag family and browsed to the project’s Shared parameter file. Low and behold there was the said parameter that I’m looking for named exactly the same. I think one of the other users had already exported it from the ‘JV’ model. So, I added it as a label as-well and loaded into project.

    So now there are 3 ‘SP1’ label in said tag family.

    Now the ‘E’ model items tagged and displayed their ‘correct’ information.

    BUT for the ‘E’ model items, the other two labels in tag, the first two ‘SP1’s, display a ‘?’ mark.
    For the ‘JV’ & ‘B model items, this 3rd label give a ‘?’ mark.

    See image attached.

    Unfortunately I cannot attach said families in stripped out model.

    Any help will be much appreciated.
    Attached Files

    My guess is the folks with the E model just created project parameters and not shared parameters.
    Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


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