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Scheduling a BOM per sheet

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    Scheduling a BOM per sheet

    I am trying to figure out if there is a way for me to create a schedule like a BOM, where it gives me just the information on the items on the sheet the schedule is placed on?

    I am working with beams, columns, and specialty connections. I need to show exactly what parts are used for just what is on a particular sheet, allowing the customer to verify they have all the needed parts before attempting to construct the structure and Ill need to do this several times through out the builds.

    I have been able to create and manipulate a structural framing schedule along with a column schedule to contain and show the information I need, I have just not been able to assign or filter it per view.

    I attached examples of the BOM and how I need to portray it on the sheet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S I know absolutely nothing about keynotes. If that is the only solution I will learn though
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    create a sheet number instance parameter for each of your categories and manually assign the sheet number to all of your items on each sheet. Then filter using the sheet number parameter...
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      You need to look in to Assemblies.
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        We have an instance parameter called 'Zone' assigned to Columns, Walls, Framing etc.
        his then allow us to create schedules for different Zones of a building. The downside is that members can be missed and not assigned to correct zone as it is a manual process.


          Would it be best to create it as a shared parameter in the families or the project or as a global parameter?


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