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Wall Top Condition in Wall Tag Without a Million Wall Types

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    Wall Top Condition in Wall Tag Without a Million Wall Types

    Hi Everyone,

    This is my first post!

    So i've found other threads with some useful information but i found that they were quite old.. So im starting a new one.

    Ok so we are working on a very large recreation facility ($159m), with many different uses like: a pool, gym, library, school and more, all in one building. Im currently setting up the DD set in Revit 2018 and i've been asked to show 'Wall top conditions' in the wall tags....

    I have a simple system in place that categorizes the tag by: core type - fire rating - then modifcaiton "P2Bf" (P2 = 92 steel studs, B = 1hour rated, f = modification like STC). <PS: I draw these in 3d 50m below my LEVEL 1 in a workset that is always off and i built a wall tag that reads the parameters in the wall and I use a regular floor plan view as my wall schedule>.

    EX: 1 hour rated 92 steel stud wall = P2B
    EX: 2 hour rated 152 steel stud acoustic wall = P3Cf

    This is something i've never had to do before because we've always used general notes like "U/S of Deck UNO" , or ive never had to show this one one tag.

    Im fighting with my boss because shes so used to the "AutoCAD" days, however; i now see the value in what shes asking.

    I wont duplicate the walls just to note their top conditions because i would end up with a million walls and more confusing problems ahead. But with such a large building with so many uses, if i had san instance parameter in the wall that the tag read, i would have to make sure i changed every single plan and detail showing the wall tags, which sounds even worse then 4x the number of walls types.

    So im wondering, what is the best way to tackle this nowa-days in 2018?

    My idea to my boss to try to change her ways:

    1) show top conditions on the ceiling plans instead of on every floor plan?
    3) or create a "top condition plan"
    4) or.. we have some overall plans that don't show much information, so we could use those plans to dictate top conditions with a separate tag (that read the instance parameters spoken about above?)
    5) Use notes?...Is there a way to limit the parameters to 1 or 2 conditions and the rest are covered with general notes? somehow?

    She's trying to tell me AutoCAD is better then Revit for situations like this and it boggles my mind because she just doesn't understand.

    How can i show wall top conditions on every wall tag without having a million wall types in the project and without loosing the parametric concepts of revit (ie. not using dummy tags)?

    Thank you so much! Ive never posted in 8 years about a revit problem, but I feel im sick of googeling this one.

    Manually assigned instance parameters. There’s no way, short of Dynamo — and even then it would depend on why you’re after — for Revit to get this right on its own.

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      By 'Top Condition' do you mean the top level of the wall?


        if you use shared parameters you can have your tags read wall conditions, and more interestingly - you can use if-then statements to show notes based on yes/no instance parameters in the wall.

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