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    Export ALL families to archive

    Good day all

    First time posting here Running Revit Arch and MEP 2012. While in a project I go "Applications>Save as> Library> famalies" I only get to save out a hand full of famalies. I'm assuming it only gives you the option to save out famalies which are being used in the model. There are still loads of other famalies which exsist in the project which I would still like to save out for use in other projects. Is there an Addin which does this possibly?

    Hi Ricqua, and welcome to the forum :beer:

    Revit 2012 should be able do save all the loaded families... From the Autodesk Wiki Help:

    Do either of the following:
    • Click "R" > Save As >Library > Family.
    • Right-click the Families category in the Project Browser, and click Save
    In the Save Family dialog
    • For Save in, navigate to the location where you want to save the familes
    • For Family to Save, select <All Families>, and click Save.
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