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How to create Calculated value formula

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    How to create Calculated value formula

    Hello all,

    How to create calculated value in Schedules by using Count parameter? I knew that count cannot be used as a fields but any other alternate method is available to proceed further. Please help me in this case.

    Thanks in advance

    You can’t.

    You can work around it by setting a new calculated value to 1, totaling that column, then another calculated value that shows to percentage of the “1” parameter relative to the total/sub-total, and finally one more calculated value that takes the invert of the percentage (1/%) which will give you the total/subtotal in each row.

    That was from memory so I might have missed something... if I remember I’ll share an example later today.

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    Greg McDowell Jr


      There are several threads about a solution to this.

      (Also known as the "Total Mayhem" solution, so you can search for that too.)
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