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Can you apply materials to an object using a project parameter?

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    Can you apply materials to an object using a project parameter?

    Here's the goal:

    Use a key schedule to apply materials to a door family. Not just text - actual materials.
    Say we want all of our electrical room doors to have a common frame and door panel finish. We want this to both read correctly in our door schedule AND appear correctly in the building model. Without having this controlled by a key schedule, we are forced to either assign materials by instance or make a new door type just for electrical room doors and use type parameters if we want to keep it consistent. Being able to use a key schedule to set this stuff would be great.

    Here's the problem:

    Our door families are built with shared material parameters for door finish and frame finish.
    As I have learned, key schedules can not include shared parameters.

    However, I can make a project material parameter (assigned to doors) that can be added to a key schedule. There's just no way to tie the actual material to the door. It doesn't seem like there's a way to apply the actual material of a project material parameter to any kind of family. It's basically just useful as text.

    Anyone else tried to do something like this? Thanks for your help.

    You can assign a global paramater to the material parameter of each instance of your doors that you want to define together. Kinda like an instance parameter set/ grouping. I recently did this on multicoloured glazing for a high rise. Although this pretty much has the same effect as adjusting the material itself in the materials browser, the advantage is you can redefine the material applied to all those instances without actually modifying the original material which may be applied to other elements as well.

    And then you could always just sort your specific doors in a schedule so they all appear on a single row, then change the material there.
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