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[All Verticals] - View Parameters for Schedules

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    [All Verticals] - View Parameters for Schedules

    Applies to: - All Verticals

    New Feature / Problem:
    Need the ability to reference a drafting view location in a door schedule. (Or any schedule for that matter)

    Why do you need this Feature / Why is it a Problem:
    Currently our only method of calling out head, jamb and threshold details is a text only parameter that as long as nothing changes on the sheet works out okay, but if views get moved around can cause issues and headaches when checking over 500 doors.

    When you select the cell where the parameter is located an interface very similar to "Reference Other View" of a section or callout would appear and you can select the proper drafting view for that door.

    Depending on whether the parameter is a type or instance can streamline the detailing process of doors where like door types will automatically fill in details for similar doors. If instance, if a drafting view location on a sheet was moved around it would automatically update on the schedule.

    Attachment comments:
    Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)

    Before voting: why don't you add the details to the family? Is there a problem with that?
    Martijn de Riet
    Professional Revit Consultant | Revit API Developer
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      Since we don't know exactly what sheet its going to be on....nope...our "general sheets" change project to project unfortunately. And depending on the type of project so will the details.

      Attached is how we did our last schedule...we started with just one page of details and ended up with three.. We simplified it by adding the sheet numbers in the top, but usually we show something like 1/A4.801. Halfway through they changed the sheet numbers on us so we added the sheets at the top and changed it to just the detail number instead. So you can see if the details are all linked to the schedule and I changed the sheet number it would automatically update the entire schedule.
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      Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


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