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Workaround to use total count in a calculated parameter

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    Workaround to use total count in a calculated parameter

    Hi. I'm working on a project for a client who is relocating from an old office into a new building which we are designing for them. The place that they are moving to is a bigger and they are bringing a load of furniture and equipment with them.

    So in our model for the new offices, we are modelling all of the furniture as a proposed building regardless of whether they're buying a piece of furniture or moving it from the old place. We need to do it like that for a number of reasons.

    They have asked us for a furniture schedule per room which has one column listing how many chairs (for example) they have in total, one column showing how many they are bringing across from the old place and then another column which lists how many they need to buy.

    So I figured I would make an instance parameter for furniture called 'Transferred', select each chair that's being brought over from the old place and put a 1 in that parameter. Then when I come to the schedule, I can obviously schedule Count and Transferred easily enough, calculate the totals and not list every instance, which gives me my first two columns no issues.

    It's my third column 'New Furniture Required Qty' where I've run into a problem. I want to do a calculated parameter which is 'Count' minus 'Transferred' but as we all know, count cannot be used in a calculated parameter. I get that so I made my own dummy 'Count Manual' parameter which is a calculated parameter and just has 1 in the formula. I can use that in my 'New Furniture Required Qty' calculated parameter but it will not do the calculation based on the total. It does it individually and just displays zero.

    So I now have a schedule which says 'Count' 10, 'Transferred' 4, 'Count Manual' 10 and 'New Furniture' 0 :banghead:

    Any suggestions please?

    This should do it:
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