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MEP elec : Concrete integration (Conduit through walls)

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    MEP elec : Concrete integration (Conduit through walls)

    Good morning everyone,

    I have recently started the first BIM project of my company, we will be doing the electrical works. I just concluded a training in Revit MEP. The trainer did not have necessarily all the answers i could had expected so i will post a few subject on the forum to get some help. Tell me how you would do, using Revit or some pluggins etc ...

    How would you manage the integration of electrical wiring and electrical structure in the concrete of the building (in the model) ?

    As an electrical company we need to be able to transmit to the structural works company all of our needs in terms of integration in the concrete.
    If an electrical pipes needs to go through a wall, a proper and specific process must be applied to this pipe. If not we just have lots of clashes. I don’t want clashes, I want a way to organize my conduit and walls to be able to manage the integration. To get it centralize somehow in Schedules/Quantities view.

    In the same way I would like to know how to manage the conduit that runs purely inside the concrete of a wall.
    How would any of you deal with this kind of issue ? What is the proper methodology ? (Revit or pluggin or whatever ?)

    Have a nice day,
    Thank you very much

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