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MEP elec : Electrical wires and Electrical Conduit/pipes

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    MEP elec : Electrical wires and Electrical Conduit/pipes

    Good morning everyone,

    I have recently started the first BIM project of my company, we will be doing the electrical works. I just concluded a training in Revit MEP. The trainer did not have necessarily all the answers i could had expected so i will post a few subject on the forum to get some help. Tell me how you would do, using Revit or some pluggins etc ...

    How would you manage the setting up of actual electrical wires in the model ?

    As an electrical company, to realize a good project certain amounts of parameters need to be known such as the length of the electrical wires of the project. Because we have to buy and install them.
    A BIM model and a tool such as Revit should give those kind of information.

    I know that in the power circuit of Revit, one can get an rough estimation of the length of just this circuit. But the wires are just notes and not object. And there is nothing located on the model, we don’t know where the wires go, what types of wires etc ...

    I also heard that many are using conduit as a substitute for wires. Does it mean i need to create a family of object for each type of wire (single phased, three phased, flexible, stiff) and a type for each cross section of wire ?
    And then using a Quantity view on can extract the property of length of those conduit that act as wires.
    By doing so, for example how would you manage to put a wire inside an actual electrical conduit ? (Because in reality this is how things will be, an electrical conduit and inside one or several wires).

    How would any of you deal with the management of actual wires in Revit ? What is the proper methodology ? (Revit or plugin or other ?)

    Have a nice day,
    Thank you very much

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