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Continuing linked view woes

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    Continuing linked view woes

    Help me understand linked views please.
    I have a model, that has a floor plan. In that model there are 4 interior elevations in the room. Each interior elevation has been modified to show specific elements, etc.
    The main model that has 5 models linked into it is the "sheet model", with the various sheets and linked views brought into the sheet model (ugh, sounds like AutoCAD, which I really hate).
    In the sheet model, we have placed interior elevation markers on the linked floor plan. Then, each of those interior elevations has its view linked to the original view in the building model. Even though the building model's interior elevation has items hidden...the sheet model still shows these "hidden" items even though I am asking it to represent the view as "by linked view".
    Any guidance would be appreciated, thanks.

    I dont believe By Linked View encompasses items that have been hidden view specifically. I cant say that ive tried it, that i can recall. But i dont think it will. Are they hidden by View Template (Filter, or subcategory), or actually hidden by Element, in the views themselves?
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