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    Families inserted into models

    So I am coming along with creating families. it's nothing extravagant but it does the trick. Two questions...

    1. I am showing a transparency for my clear space. When working on the family, it shows up transparent. when inserted into the project, it comes in opaque.

    2. How can I get an actual base point? I understand how to choose which reference line for an "Origin point" but once I drop the family into the project, it seems to lose the ability to snap to that point. I have trouble snapping to anything in the family piece I created. So I can't line up and attach my segments. Is there a way to bring in a family, and have it align and snap to the previous family member?

    3. Detail lines, when I want just basic lines representing the side of my item, or the top, etc, do I just draw a model line from reference plane to reference plane, or do I need to create a reference line, and then draw a model line on top of that reference line?

    Thanks again for all the help, this is getting exciting!

    1. Most likely the material you used for your transparency was already in your project and not transparent. That is just the way Revit works. If the material from a family is already in the project (the same name) it uses the material from the project. So either rename the material in your family of edit the one in your project to suit your needs.

    2. Families don't snap to points, they snap to planes. You can choose what type of reference a ref plane is in the properties when you select one. Choosing left, right, top, bottom, front, back and center will make them snappable in your project, same goes for the Strong Reference.

    3. No need to draw a ref line first. You can lock a detail line to your ref planes, both the 2 ends and the line itself. (and in your question you start with Detail Lines and mention Model Lines further along the question, those are very different lines).

    And Family creation is very exciting indeed, I love to build smart families that save me loads of time in the future. Imagine what you can do in a few months!
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