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Suitability & Revision Codes.

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    Suitability & Revision Codes.

    We haven’t started working on a full BIM project, but are using the BIM (in principle just to get the hang of BIM when we start using it at a later date) to name documents/model and use suitability & revision codes and have some confusion about it and need to know how to work with them.

    So on our test project, we started preparing drawings & documents for tender stage, so most of our drawing upto now have S2, S3 for suitability code. Now are preparing for Client Sign off for Tender. Below is my understanding of how it works, please advise if this is incorrect.

    Suitability Code Purpose of Issue Rev
    Prior to Tender issue for Client Sign off S4 Tender Sign Off P06
    Actual Tender Issue at Stage 5 A5 Tender C01 Are the previous revisions left in place? Changing the revision setting from from P to C changes all previous revisions. So P06 become C06, which isn’t right.
    When contractor is appointed and drawings are issued for Construction Will it be A6 or CR Construction C02
    Do you save a copy of the model after every stage sign off??
    Are the previous revisions to be removed?
    If the previous revisions are not to be removed, how do you manage the change from P0n to C0n??
    IF the revisions are removed and say at Stage 5, it is A5-C01, then at Construction stage – does it become A6-C01 or C02??


    1) I would save a copy of the model and place it in the folder e.g 'Projectno-A6-C01'
    2/3) The revision number portion resets to 01 or C01 when you hit construction. As you may go back from C01 to P07 if a change is made to the A6-C01 issue.
    4) The revisions are always sequential, but the status code may vary. If there not changes then it would be A5-C01, A5-C02, (A6 would normally be for Handover)

    Hope this helps..


      The reason behind the revision tool is to show when a sheet has been revised and issued to whom.

      Best thing to do is to keep the revisions all intact & to never delete them.
      Each time you issue a set of sheets, then yes they should have a unique revision that is different to the last revision
      If you don't want to see the previous revisions - then just turn off there clouds & tags in the revision settings, showing a "Clean" set at the next drawing issue
      Get used to adding revisions & making print-sets from them - its all part of documenting something up.
      Tip - Pyrevit has some good tools to add revisions to a print-set & on the flip-side, make a print-set from a revision set

      RE archiving a Model at each stage - Depends. I do, along with PDF's & DWG's of every sheet. that way I can see what I have issued to the person at that stage
      It has happend more times than I can remember when the client want to "Turn back the clock" on the model "Just like you issued out last month". Easy to do If you have an old model


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