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Revit 2019 - Perspective 3D View / Depth of View Printing Issue

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    Revit 2019 - Perspective 3D View / Depth of View Printing Issue

    We just came across an odd printing issue with 2019 where the depth of the perspective is almost pulled forward (towards the camera) when the view is printed. I've attached a couple of images to illustrate. The view is cropped... and the file was upgraded from 2018. We're using Bluebeam (2015) to produce the PDF's... I have not tested with any other PDF printers yet. Basically the is being cut off at a certain point. Has anyone else seen this, or have any insight?
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    It looks like it is tilting towards the front(the observer). this would be normal in perspective where you have a bird's eye view towards the subject in matter.

    My suggestion would be to try and sliiiiiiiightly tilt the perspective towards the back, until all the vertical lines are vertical. Unfortunately I don't know any command that could do this automatically, rather just try and see.


      Looks like the far clip is being activated when you print. Sorry haven't got a solution for that.

      You'll have to troubleshoot / cycle through what could be causing that.
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      Kamran Mirza
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        Bluebeam 2015 might be reading the file differently. Perhaps a DWF might solve the problem, or Bluebeam Revu 2017?

        Also, for that specific 3D view, check your view depth and other settings in the project browser. Hoping that'll work.
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          Make sure that far clip is turned off and try printing raster if that doesn't do it.
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