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Spot Elevation in Family to read level in Project

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    Spot Elevation in Family to read level in Project

    I've searched through the site to try to find an answer but can't find exactly what I'm looking for.

    Is there a way to add a spot elevation to a family to fill an instance parameter within that family when loaded into a project? To expand, I've built a below slab drainage manhole family from which I can create a parametric manhole schedule which reads the various levels and sizes of the manhole and schedules them out for the contractor to follow, which works exactly as I want. The down side however is that I have to manually enter the cover level of the family into that parameter, the various other levels I also need are simply dimensioned from that level but it's annoying that I have to place the family at the correct level and then manually type in the cover level to that parameter.

    Is there anyway I can have the family fill in it's own cover level parameter from the level which it is placed in the project. If there was an option to add a spot elevation in the family editor to my manhole family which then gets occupied once the family is loaded into a project that would be perfect, but that doesn't seem to exist. For example, if I could spot elevate the cover level of the manhole in the family editor and I dropped the family in the project with the cover at 10.5m above datum the cover level would return +10,500, then if I moved the family up by 150mm the parameter would automatically return +10,650, that would be ideal.

    Any help or suggestions would be really appreciated.

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    Bump Up.
    I'm looking for something similar.
    Any experts out there who can help?


      Don't think there is a way for a tag or generic annotation to read the placement height of a family, either in the family itself or in the project.

      What you can do is ad a parameter to the family that changes the Placement Height. Meaning that the Elevation (in the properties panel) would always be 0 and there would be an extra parameter named Placement Height for example. This is a parameter you can read with a Generic Annotation inside the family. BUT this would be from the level the family is on, so not from the project basepoint.

      You could also ad a generic annotation to the family that reads a parameter you fill in by hand or with Dynamo if you want to automate it a bit. But you would have to run the Dynamo script every time the Placement Height of a family changes (or if it is just one change it by hand), which could end you up with wrong data if that is forgotten.
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        Thanks for the reply.
        How about this.
        When I place a family and place a spot elevation on the top of it, a certain elevation value is generated.
        What i'm looking for is to place a parameter into the family, and when i key in say, 107.85, the family is placed at that elevation's value.
        hope my question is not confusing.
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