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Use Sheet Number Parameter in titleblock familly

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    Use Sheet Number Parameter in titleblock familly


    I'd like to use the ootb sheet number parameter, from the title blocks, for formulas and things.

    Essentially, I want to have a shared parameter that == the ootb paramater on every sheet, in the title block.

    My goal is: I have a huge mall project that's gonna have ± 1 000 enlarged floor plans and I want a familly that pinpoint the location of that enlarged floor plan on the small key plan in the title-block. The familly itself is all good and working. It's an annotation familly that lives in the titleblock. Right now, all I need is to manually input the sheet number in the shared parameter I created for it and it does it's magic.

    I'd rather that input be automatic

    Even though I can, I'm trying to avoid dynamo so I don't have to remember to run the graph every week on 8 models for the next 4 years.


    Your terminology isnt quite making sense:

    You have a TITLEBLOCK Family.

    You have an ANNOTATION Family (presumably a Generic Annotation Component), that you are nesting in the Titleblock Family. is that correct? The reason i am asking is Generic Annotations CANT have Shared Parameters, which makes me think something is getting lost in translation.

    Can you show a screen capture?

    Regardless, i believe you are going to end up needing Dynamo or an App, for what you want to do. You cant access the Sheet Number parameter manually, like that.
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      Fair enough, I'll be as clear as I can.

      Yeah, Revit is in french, sorry.

      This, is my GENERIC ANNOTATION family.

      It is nested in this TITLE BLOCK (Cartouche)

      And they live in the sheet:

      I'd like to replicate de sheet number ootb parameter (Numéro de la feuille) into my shared parameter into the titleblock, then into another shared parameter in the annotation. that brings the info down to the anotation familly, that does contain a shared parameter, even though you tell me it's impossible.

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        Ahhh. Okay, that makes a little more sense. So you want to go:

        Title Block (Default Sheet Number) > Titleblock (SHEET NUMBER SHARED PARAMETER) > Generic Annotation (SHEET NUMBER PARAMETER (cant be shared)).

        What is it you want to do with the parameter in the Generic Annotation aftwarwards? Just show it graphically? For that, it doesnt need to be Shared. Or are you trying to schedule it?

        EDIT: You are still going to need Dynamo to help you do it (copy sheet number to a titleblocks shared parameter)
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          Well, in my very specific case, the sheet number drives wich enlarged plan I am looking at.

          Ex: Page 1221, 3121 and 6021, all show the zone named 21

          So once I get the sheet number, I want to manipulate it to return me the last two numbers, that resulting number (21) if feed in a beefy formula to drive parameters to place the square at the right place.

          EDIT: Welp, I tried. But im still baffled that such a commun parameter can't be played with at all ootb. Thank you for your time! I'll probably start a revit idea on the subject, I'll post it here if I remember.
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