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Double line and single line pipes based on size?

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    Double line and single line pipes based on size?

    I just received a request for Revit to show double line pipes based on size of the pipe.
    First I said, No that's not possible, but then I was thinking of a workaround to accomplish this, maybe filters, but that's a no go...

    Has anyone tried to show both single line & double line pipes in the same view based on pipe size.
    4" pipe size and larger to be double line.

    Thanks in advanced!

    Nope, not possible. I've seen some people suggest overlapping two viewports with different filter settings but f that noise. I usually do my best to accommodate requests like this at my office but in this instance my answer has been a succinct "Nope."


      Pipe placeholders are single line only, you could draw with those for the small diameter piping.


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