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Corrupted File in 2018 not corrupted in 2017

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    Corrupted File in 2018 not corrupted in 2017

    Hi Guys,

    As stated I have a Project which is in Revit 2017.2 that I can open and work with, no problems to save and to edit, for some reason if I try to open it in 2018.3 I have always that dialog box that say that there are so many missed elements so Revit can't open the file. :banghead:

    the problem started once I've tried to Audit the file :crazy:, since that Revit isn't capable to update this particular file I'm quite blocked :crazy:, I've already tried to save the file as a Library to try to find the corrupted family or element with no chance, what's happening?, hope anybody knows hot to fix this
    Andres Franco - Architect - BIM Coordinator
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    I recall back in 2014 that I had a particular corruption with a central file which could not be fixed (by any means available to us) however Autodesk were able to fix it with their own internal tools and the file was fine once more. Might be worth considering.


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