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    Revit Rebar Detailing

    Hi All.
    I have a couple of things I would like help with if possible.
    I am using v2018. I do not have any add-ons for rebar detailing.
    Is there a way to lock the rebar numbers that is automatically generated? I detailed and scheduled a wall only for it to be changed. When altering some of the bars revit decided to re-number some bars. Fortunately no schedules had been issued for construction.
    The other thing is I would like to create a tag showing the extent of a rebar in section. I can create a tag with the bar mark and an arrow pointing to the bar but I would like another that a can attach to each end of a bar to make it clearer in section where the bars are placed. See attachment. At present I have to add manually and need to change if revit decides to re-number!
    Any help/tips much appreciated.
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